§ 11-9.8

Construction of certain terms of offer to contract; use of experience modification factor prohibited

A. As used in this section:”Contract” means an agreement for the provision of construction services under which the contractor will be required to have and maintain a policy of insurance as defined in § 38.2-119.”Experience modification factor” means a value assigned to an employer as determined by a rate service organization in accordance with its uniform experience rating plan required to be filed pursuant to subsection D of § 38.2-1913.”Offer to contract” means a solicitation of bids, Request for Proposals, or similar invitation to enter into a contract that is extended to potential contractors for construction services.”Person” means any individual; firm; cooperative; association; corporation; limited liability company; trust; business trust; syndicate; partnership; limited liability partnership; joint venture; receiver; trustee in bankruptcy; club, society, or other group or combination acting as a unit; or public body, including but not limited to (i) the Commonwealth; (ii) any other state; and (iii) any agency, department, institution, political subdivision, or instrumentality of the Commonwealth or any other state.

B. A term of an offer to contract issued that requires that the successful bidder have a specified experience modification factor is prohibited.

C. Any contract or offer to contract that requires the contractor or bidder responding to the offer to contract to have a specified experience modification factor is prohibited.


2016, c. 754.


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