§ 38.2-1913

Operation and control of rate service organizations

A. No rate service organization shall provide any service relating to the rates of any insurance subject to this chapter, and no insurer shall use the service of a rate service organization for such purposes unless the rate service organization has obtained a license under § 38.2-1914.

B. No rate service organization shall refuse to supply any services for which it is licensed in this Commonwealth to any insurer authorized to do business in this Commonwealth and offering to pay the fair and usual compensation for the services.

C. Any rate service organization subject to this chapter may provide for the examination of policies, daily reports, binders, renewal certificates, endorsements, other evidences of insurance, or evidences of the cancellation of insurance, and may make reasonable rules governing their submission and the correction of any errors or omissions in them. This provision applies to the classes of insurance for which the rate service organization is licensed pursuant to § 38.2-1914.

D. A rate service organization may develop a uniform policy and uniform (i) statistical plans, (ii) experience rating plans, and (iii) classification systems for use by its members in the provision of insurance defined in § 38.2-119 and the reporting of the experience of this line of insurance. Each rate service organization may also develop manual rules for the recording and reporting of experience data of members pursuant to its uniform plans and systems. Such uniform plans, systems, and rules shall be filed with the Commission by the rate service organization and be approved prior to their use by members of the rate service organization.

E. No insurer shall be required to become a member or subscriber to any rate service organization.


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