§ 15.2-2013

Temporary closing of rights-of-way

Any city, any town which receives highway maintenance funds pursuant to § 33.2-319, or any county which receives highway maintenance funds pursuant to § 33.2-366 may permit the temporary use of public rights-of-way for other than public purposes and close the rights-of-way for public use and travel during temporary use, subject to the following conditions:

1. No matter advertising any thing or business shall be displayed in or on the public rights-of-way in connection with such temporary use.

2. The person so permitted to use public rights-of-way shall furnish a public liability and property damage insurance contract insuring the liability of such person, firm, association, organization or corporation for personal injury or death and damages to property resulting from such temporary use in such amounts as shall be determined by the governing body of the locality; the locality shall be named as an additional insured in the contract.

3. When any rights-of-way that are closed are extensions of the state primary highway system, adequate provision shall be made to detour through traffic.


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