§ 33.2-366

Funds for counties that have withdrawn or elect to withdraw from the secondary state highway system

Pursuant to subsection B of § 33.2-358, the Board shall make the following payments to counties that have withdrawn or elect to withdraw from the secondary state highway system under the provisions of § 11 of Chapter 415 of the Acts of Assembly of 1932 and that have not elected to return: to any county having withdrawn prior to June 30, 1985, and having an area greater than 100 square miles, an amount equal to $ 12,529 per lane-mile for fiscal year 2014, and to any county having an area less than 100 square miles, an amount equal to $ 17,218 per lane-mile for fiscal year 2014; to any county that elects to withdraw after June 30, 1985, the Board shall establish a rate per lane-mile for the first year using (i) an amount for maintenance based on maintenance standards and unit costs used by the Department to prepare its secondary state highway system maintenance budget for the year in which the county withdraws and (ii) an amount for administration equal to five percent of the maintenance figure determined in clause (i). The payment rates shall be adjusted annually by the Board in accordance with procedures established for adjusting payments to cities and towns under § 33.2-319, and lane mileage shall be adjusted annually to include (a) streets and highways accepted for maintenance in the county system by the local governing body or (b) streets and highways constructed according to standards set forth in the county subdivision ordinance or county thoroughfare plan, and being not less than the standards set by the Department. Such counties shall be eligible to receive allocations pursuant to subsection C or D of § 33.2-358.Payment of the funds shall be made in four equal sums, one in each quarter of the fiscal year.The chief administrative officer of such counties receiving such funds shall make annual reports of expenditures to the Board, in such form as the Board shall prescribe, accounting for all expenditures, including delineation between construction and maintenance expenditures and reporting on their performance as specified in subsection B of § 33.2-352. Such reports shall be included in the scope of the annual audit of each county conducted by independent certified public accountants.


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