§ 15.2-3205

Additional parties

A. In any proceedings hereunder any qualified voters or property owners in the territory proposed to be annexed or any adjoining city or town may, by petition, become parties to such proceeding as provided in subsection B hereof. Any county whose territory is affected by the proceedings, or any city, town or persons affected thereby, may appear and shall be made parties defendant to the case, and be represented by counsel.

B. The special court shall by order, fix a time within which such additional parties not served may become defendants to such proceeding, and thereafter, no such petition shall be received, except for good cause shown. A copy of the order shall be published at least once a week for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the city or town seeking the territory and in the territory sought to be annexed.

C. The cost of such publication shall be paid by the petitioner or applicant.


Code 1950, § 15-152.6; 1952, c. 328; 1962, c. 623, § 15.1-1036; 1979, c. 85; 1996, c. 352; 1997, c. 587.


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