This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Annexation.” It is part of Title 15.2, titled “Counties, Cities And Towns.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Boundary Adjustments And Changes Of Status Of Counties, Cities And Towns.” It is part of Chapter 32, titled “Boundary Changes Of Towns And Cities.” It’s comprised of the following 31 sections.

§ 15.2-3200
Boundaries of cities and towns to remain as established until changed
§ 15.2-3201
Temporary restrictions on granting of city charters, filing annexation notices, institutions of annexation proceedings, and county immunity proceedings
§ 15.2-3202
Ordinance for annexation by city or town; appointment of special court
§ 15.2-3203
Petition by voters of adjacent territory, or governing body of adjacent county or town, for annexation; voluntary agreement by governing body to reject annexation
§ 15.2-3204
Notice of motion; service and publication
§ 15.2-3205
Additional parties
§ 15.2-3206
Conflicting petitions for same territory; petition seeking territory lying in two or more counties; procedure
§ 15.2-3207
Pretrial conference; matters considered
§ 15.2-3208
Assistance of state agencies
§ 15.2-3209
Hearing and decision
§ 15.2-3210
Boundary line where territory fronts on river, bay, etc
§ 15.2-3211
Powers of court and rules of decision; terms and conditions
§ 15.2-3212
Determination of value of public improvements
§ 15.2-3213
Declining to accept annexation on terms and conditions imposed by court
§ 15.2-3214
§ 15.2-3215
County reimbursement for town annexation proceedings
§ 15.2-3216
Proceedings not to fail for technical or procedural defects or errors
§ 15.2-3217
Court granting annexation to exist for ten years
§ 15.2-3218
Continued existence of court under certain conditions
§ 15.2-3219
Reduced taxation on real estate in territory added to corporate limits
§ 15.2-3220
Mandamus and prohibition
§ 15.2-3221
Appeals; how heard
§ 15.2-3222
What order to be entered by Supreme Court
§ 15.2-3223
What order and proceedings clerk to certify, and where same shall be recorded; fees
§ 15.2-3224
Commissioner of revenue for the county to certify list of real estate in annexed territory to commissioner of revenue
§ 15.2-3225
County or district officers resident in annexed territory to remain in office; reelection
§ 15.2-3226
Redistricting and elections in city or town following annexation; registration and transfer of registration of voters in annexed territory
§ 15.2-3227
Annexation proceedings final for ten years
§ 15.2-3228
County not to be reduced to insufficient area, population or sources of revenue
§ 15.2-3229
Annexation of whole town
§ 15.2-3230
Article not applicable to consolidation of two cities