§ 15.2-4917

Facility sites

Any locality may acquire, pursuant to § 15.2-1800, but not by condemnation, a facility site and may likewise transfer any facility site to an authority. Such transfer may be authorized by a resolution of the governing body of the locality without submission of the question to the voters and without regard to the requirements, restrictions, limitations or other provisions contained in any other general, special or local law. Such facility sites may be located within or outside or partially within or outside the locality creating the authority. If a real estate broker licensed under § 54.1-2100 represents a party in a transaction through which a facility site is acquired, the locality may pay a reasonable brokerage fee to such real estate broker.


1966, c. 651, § 15.1-1388; 1997, c. 587; 1998, c. 728.


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