§ 15.2-4918

Provisions of chapter cumulative; construction

This chapter neither limits nor restricts any powers which the authority might otherwise have under any laws of this Commonwealth. No proceedings, notice or approval shall be required for the organization of the authority or the issuance of any bonds or any instrument as security therefor, except as herein provided. However, nothing herein shall be construed to deprive the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions of their respective police powers over properties of the authority or to impair any power thereover of any official or agency of the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions which may be otherwise provided by law. Nothing contained in this chapter shall be deemed to authorize the authority to occupy or use any land, streets, buildings, structures or other property of any kind, owned or used by any political subdivision within its jurisdiction, or any public improvement or facility maintained by such political subdivision for the use of its inhabitants, without first obtaining the consent of the governing body thereof.


1966, c. 651, § 15.1-1389; 1997, c. 587.


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