§ 15.2-6011

Eligible use of funds

The Authority is hereby empowered to pledge its funds, and make loans and grants to or for the benefit of for-profit enterprises or entities; governmental or corporate instrumentalities in the coalfield region of Virginia (including any political subdivision of the Commonwealth and the Breaks Interstate Park); not-for-profit enterprises or entities; nonprofit industrial development corporations; economic development authorities; or industrial development authorities for financing the following:

1. Purchase of real estate;

2. Grading of site(s);

3. Construction of flood control dams;

4. Water, sewer, natural gas and electrical line replacement and extensions;

5. Construction or rehabilitation or expansion of buildings;

6. Construction of parking facilities;

7. Access roads construction and street improvements;

8. Purchase, lease, or relocation of machinery, tools, equipment, furniture, software, or other personal property;

9. Construction of improvements outside the Commonwealth if in the Breaks Interstate Park;

10. Feasibility studies, site studies, preliminary engineering or architectural reports, and other studies and plans;

11. Such other improvements, projects, activities, or purposes as the Authority deems necessary to accomplish its purpose; and

12. Costs and expenses associated with any item listed in subdivisions 1 through 11, including, but not limited to, architectural, engineering, consulting, legal, closing, installation, delivery, and assembly expenses.


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