§ 15.2-6012

Dissolution of Authority

Whenever the Board determines that the purpose for which the Authority was created has been substantially fulfilled or is impractical or impossible of accomplishment and that all obligations incurred by the Authority have been paid or that cash or a sufficient amount of United States government securities has been deposited for their payment or provisions satisfactory for the timely payment of all its outstanding obligations have been arranged, the Board may adopt resolutions declaring and finding that the Authority shall be dissolved. Appropriate attested copies of such resolutions shall be delivered to the Governor so that legislation dissolving the Authority may be introduced in the General Assembly. The dissolution of the Authority shall become effective according to the terms of such legislation. The title to all funds and other property owned by the Authority at the time of such dissolution shall vest in the counties and cities which have contributed to the fund in proportion to their respective contributions.


1988, c. 833, § 15.1-1647; 1997, c. 587.


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