§ 15.2-7201

Creation; public purpose

There is hereby created a political subdivision of the Commonwealth known as the BVU Authority.The BVU Authority is created for the express purpose of receiving, by operation of this chapter, the powers, assets, and debts of that separately managed and financed division of the City of Bristol, Virginia, heretofore known as Bristol Virginia Utilities and to provide the services Bristol Virginia Utilities has provided or may lawfully provide. The General Assembly therefore deems this to be an entity conversion and for all purposes the BVU Authority is the same entity as Bristol Virginia Utilities, which is hereby converted to the BVU Authority. The BVU Authority shall exercise the rights and duties as hereinafter set out to provide the various utility services it currently lawfully provides all subject to the limitations as are herein set forth or referenced.


2010, cc. 117, 210.


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