§ 15.2-7202


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Authority” means the BVU Authority created by entity conversion of Bristol Virginia Utilities by this chapter.”Board,” “Authority Board,” or “Board of Directors” means the governing body of the Authority.”Bonds” means any bonds, notes, debentures, bond acceptance notes, or other evidence of financial indebtedness either issued or assumed by the Authority pursuant to this chapter.”Bristol Virginia Utilities Board” means the Board of Directors of Bristol Virginia Utilities governing that entity until the Authority Board takes office on July 1, 2010.”City” means the City of Bristol, Virginia.”City Council” means the City Council of the City of Bristol, Virginia.”Commission” means the Virginia State Corporation Commission.”Commonwealth” means the Commonwealth of Virginia.”Infrastructure” means all property, whether attached to real property or not, now used by Bristol Virginia Utilities and hereafter used by the Authority for the provision of (i) electric, water, sewer, telecommunications, internet, and cable television services and (ii) all other utility services the Authority may lawfully provide.”MLEC” means any city, county, or town certificated to provide local exchange and/or interexchange telecommunications services pursuant to § 56-265.4:4 and any authority granted such powers pursuant to § 15.2-7209.”Political subdivision” means, when referring to an entity other than the Authority, a locality, authority, or other public body of the Commonwealth or of any state in which the Authority does business.”Utility,” “utilities,” or “utility services” means and includes electric, water, sewer, and telecommunications, internet and cable television services, including all other services that might be lawfully rendered by use of its fiber optic system.


2010, cc. 117, 210; 2016, cc. 724, 725.


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