§ 15.2-910

Ordinance certifying boiler and pressure vessel operators; penalty

A. Any locality may by ordinance require any person who engages in, or offers to engage in, for the general public for compensation, the operation or maintenance of a boiler or pressure vessel in such locality, to obtain a certificate from the locality.

B. The ordinance shall require the applicant for such certificate to furnish evidence of his ability and proficiency; shall require the examination of every such applicant to determine his qualifications; and shall designate or establish an agent or board for the locality to examine and determine a person’s qualifications for certification. A certificate shall not be granted to an applicant found not to be qualified.

C. In accordance with the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.), the Safety and Health Codes Board shall establish standards to be used in determining an applicant’s ability, proficiency and qualifications.

D. No person certified pursuant to this section or certified or licensed pursuant to Chapter 3.1 (§ 40.1-51.5 et seq.) of Title 40.1 shall be required to obtain any other such certificate or to pay a fee, other than the initial certification fee, in any locality in which he practices his trade.

E. Any such ordinance adopted by a locality may provide for penalties not exceeding those applicable to Class 3 misdemeanors.


1989, c. 224, § 15.1-11.6; 1997, c. 587.


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