§ 16.1-346.1

Discharge plan

Prior to discharge of any minor admitted to inpatient treatment, including a minor in detention or shelter care pursuant to an order of a juvenile and domestic relations district court, a discharge plan shall be formulated, provided and explained to the minor, and copies thereof shall be sent (i) to the minor’s parents or (ii) if the minor is in the custody of the local department of social services, to the department’s director or the director’s designee or (iii) to the minor’s parents and (a) if the juvenile is to be housed in a detention home upon discharge, to the court in which the petition has been filed and the facility superintendent, or (b) if the minor is in custody of the local department of social services, to the department. A copy of the plan shall also be provided, upon request, to the minor’s attorney and guardian ad litem. If the minor was admitted to a state facility, the discharge plan shall be contained in a uniform discharge document developed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. The plan shall, at a minimum, (i) specify the services required by the released minor in the community to meet his needs for treatment, housing, nutrition, physical care, and safety; (ii) specify any income subsidies for which the minor is eligible; (iii) identify all local and state agencies which will be involved in providing treatment and support to the minor; and (iv) specify services which would be appropriate for the minor’s treatment and support in the community but which are currently unavailable. A minor in detention or shelter care prior to admission to inpatient treatment shall be returned to the detention home, shelter care, or other facility approved by the Department of Juvenile Justice within 24 hours by the sheriff serving the jurisdiction where the minor was detained upon release from the treating facility, unless the juvenile and domestic relations district court having jurisdiction over the case has provided written authorization for release of the minor, prior to the scheduled date of release.


1991, c. 159; 1995, c. 304; 2005, cc. 346, 716; 2010, cc. 778, 825.


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