§ 16.1-346

Treatment plans; periodic review of status

A. Within 10 days of commitment ordered under § 16.1-345, the director of the facility to which the minor was committed shall ensure that an individualized plan of treatment has been prepared by the provider responsible for the minor’s treatment and, if applicable, has been communicated to the parent. The minor shall be involved in the preparation of the plan to the maximum feasible extent consistent with his ability to understand and participate, and the minor’s family shall be involved to the maximum extent consistent with the minor’s treatment needs. The plan shall include a preliminary plan for placement and aftercare upon completion of inpatient treatment and shall include specific behavioral and emotional goals against which the success of treatment may be measured. A copy of the plan shall be provided to the minor, his parents, and, upon request, to his attorney and his guardian ad litem.

B. A minor committed to inpatient treatment shall be discharged from the facility when he no longer meets the commitment criteria as determined by appropriate hospital medical staff review.


1990, c. 975; 1991, c. 159; 2010, cc. 778, 825.


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