§ 17.1-113

Places of holding courts; certain orders and decrees entered elsewhere

Every circuit court for any county or city shall be held at the courthouse of such county or city, except when some other place is prescribed by law or lawfully appointed. However, the judge of the circuit court of any county or city may enter any order or decree at his home or office or elsewhere within his circuit.In the interest of justice, the chief judges of the Twenty-first and the Twenty-third Judicial Circuits may, by order, designate one or more of the courtrooms of any circuit court within their respective circuits as the courtroom or courtrooms in which civil or criminal cases whose venue is laid within the circuit may be tried. In criminal cases, jurors summoned to appear at such courtroom or courtrooms shall reside in the locality in which the crime was committed, except as otherwise provided by law.


Code 1919, § 5964, § 17-14; 1940, p. 325; 1998, c. 872; 2005, c. 389.


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