General Provisions

This is Chapter 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 17.1, titled “Courts Of Record.” It’s comprised of the following 33 sections.

§ 17.1-100
Judicial performance evaluation program
§ 17.1-101
Time within which a judge may qualify; failure vacates office
§ 17.1-102
Justices and judges not permitted to practice law or seek or hold elective or other office
§ 17.1-103
Residence requirements of judges
§ 17.1-104
In election by court, votes to be recorded
§ 17.1-105
Designation of judges to hold courts and assist other judges
§ 17.1-106
Temporary recall of retired judges
§ 17.1-107
Designation of judge to assist regular judge holding case under advisement for unreasonable length of time
§ 17.1-108
§ 17.1-109
Judges pro tempore
§ 17.1-110
Their appointment and powers
§ 17.1-111
§ 17.1-112
Sheriff to attend court as its officer
§ 17.1-113
Places of holding courts; certain orders and decrees entered elsewhere
§ 17.1-114
When and how changed
§ 17.1-115
How order or warrant making change posted
§ 17.1-116
Change of place or time for holding session of Supreme Court
§ 17.1-117
Certain acts of courts held at improper places confirmed
§ 17.1-118
Display of flags in courtrooms
§ 17.1-119
Courts may adjourn for a period not exceeding thirty days
§ 17.1-120
Adjournment from day to day; effect of failure to sit on day to which adjourned
§ 17.1-121
Effect of change of time or place of court or failure to sit generally
§ 17.1-122
Matters not determined to stand continued
§ 17.1-123
How orders are recorded and signed
§ 17.1-124
Order books; automated systems
§ 17.1-125
Trust fund order book
§ 17.1-126
§ 17.1-128
Recording evidence and incidents of trial in certain civil cases and cost thereof; cost of transcripts; preservation of original notes or records; certified transcript prima facie correct
§ 17.1-128.1
Recording evidence and incidents of trial in certain misdemeanor cases
§ 17.1-129
Filing date and time to be noted on papers
§ 17.1-130
Execution of judgments and decrees of courts no longer existing
§ 17.1-131
Jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus in matters pertaining to action of service district commission
§ 17.1-132
Courts Technology Fund