§ 2.2-1135

Information on equipment utilizing wood wastes

The Division shall assemble and maintain information relevant to a determination by any department, agency, or institution regarding the suitability of using a central boiler or other heating equipment that is fueled by wood wastes, including but not limited to the (i) identity of manufacturers and suppliers of wood waste handling and burning equipment, (ii) capital and operating costs of such equipment, (iii) associated air emissions and solid waste disposal requirements, and (iv) fuel storage requirements. The information shall be distributed to any department, agency, or institution with a construction project specifying a central boiler or heating plant, and to personnel involved in the procurement and administration of architectural and engineering services relating to such construction project. For purposes of this section, “wood wastes” means raw wood by-products from wood processing and wood product manufacturing industries, including sawdust, chips, bark, and planer shavings.


1993, c. 691, § 2.1-483.2; 2001, c. 844.


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