Division Of Engineering And Buildings

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Division Of Engineering And Buildings.” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “Organization Of State Government.” It is part of Part C, titled “State Agencies Related To The General Operation Of Government.” It is part of Chapter 11, titled “Department Of General Services.” It’s comprised of the following 40 sections.

§ 2.2-1129
Division of Engineering and Buildings
§ 2.2-1130
Care of Virginia War Memorial Carillon
§ 2.2-1131
Maintenance and utilization standards
§ 2.2-1131.1
Establishment of performance standards for the use of property
§ 2.2-1132
Administration of capital outlay construction; exception for certain educational institutions
§ 2.2-1133
Use of value engineering
§ 2.2-1134
§ 2.2-1135
Information on equipment utilizing wood wastes
§ 2.2-1136
Review of easements; maintenance of real property records
§ 2.2-1137
Location, construction or lease of state consolidated office buildings
§ 2.2-1138
Planning and construction by Division; exemption
§ 2.2-1139
Transfer of funds; acceptance of donations
§ 2.2-1140
Assignment of office space
§ 2.2-1141
Purchase of furniture for state buildings; repairs to buildings and furniture; surplus furniture
§ 2.2-1142
Furniture for Executive Mansion
§ 2.2-1143
Services for Capitol and other state facilities
§ 2.2-1144
Control of Capitol Square and other property at seat of government
§ 2.2-1145
Inventory of property and Governor's house; custody of house and property pending election of Governor
§ 2.2-1146
Department may lease certain state property; approval of leases by Attorney General; disposition of rentals
§ 2.2-1147
§ 2.2-1147.1
Right to breast-feed
§ 2.2-1147.2
Equal access to state-owned or controlled property; Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA
§ 2.2-1148
Approval of actions; conveyances in name of the Commonwealth
§ 2.2-1149
Department to review proposed acquisitions of real property; approval by the Governor; exceptions
§ 2.2-1150
Conveyance and transfers of real property by state agencies; approval of Governor and Attorney General; notice to members of General Assembly
§ 2.2-1150.1
Lease or conveyance of any interest in State Police communication tower
§ 2.2-1150.2
Use of communication towers for deployment of wireless broadband services in unserved areas of the Commonwealth
§ 2.2-1151
Conveyance of easements and appurtenances thereto to cable television companies, utility companies, public service companies, political subdivisions by state departments, agencies or institutions; communication towers
§ 2.2-1151.1
Conveyances of right-of-way usage to certain nonpublic service companies by the Department of Transportation
§ 2.2-1152
Conveyances to Department of Transportation by state institutions or public corporations owned by Commonwealth
§ 2.2-1153
State agencies and institutions to notify Department of property not used or required; criteria
§ 2.2-1154
State agencies, institutions, to inquire of Department before acquiring land for capital improvements
§ 2.2-1155
Temporary transfer of use of property between state agencies and institutions; lease to private entities
§ 2.2-1156
Sale or lease of surplus property and excess building space
§ 2.2-1157
Exploration for and extraction of minerals on state-owned uplands
§ 2.2-1158
Management, harvesting and sale of timber on lands under control of Division
§ 2.2-1159
Facilities for persons with physical disabilities in certain buildings; definitions; construction standards; waiver; temporary buildings
§ 2.2-1160
Facilities for persons with physical disabilities; what buildings to be constructed in accordance with standards
§ 2.2-1161
Buildings not in conformance with standards for persons with physical disabilities
§ 2.2-1161.1
Code Adam alerts in public buildings