§ 2.2-1144

Control of Capitol Square and other property at seat of government

A. The Division, under the direction and control of the Governor, shall have control of the Capitol Square with the expense of the maintenance and control to be paid out of the fund appropriated for that purpose. The Division shall keep the keys of the Capitol Building and shall take charge of all the rooms in the Capitol Building, except in those areas under the control of the legislature, the public grounds and all other property at the seat of government not placed in specific charge of others. The Division shall have no control or responsibility with respect to the old and new Senate chambers, the old and new halls of the House of Delegates, the Rotunda, the offices of the Clerks of the Senate and House of Delegates, the legislative committee rooms, the enrolling office, or any other area specifically designated as legislative space. The Division shall do such work and make such repairs for the respective bodies of the General Assembly requested by the clerks thereof with appropriate reimbursement of expenses to the Division.

B. The Division shall have all the furniture and the rooms in the Capitol, other than the rooms excepted in subsection A, the open parts of the Capitol, the public grounds, and all other property at the seat of government not placed in the charge of others, kept in proper order at all times.


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