§ 2.2-1146

Department may lease certain state property; approval of leases by Attorney General; disposition of rentals

The Department, with the written approval of the Governor, may lease land, buildings and any portions thereof owned by the Commonwealth and under the control of the Department, when such land, buildings, or portions thereof are in excess of current and foreseeable needs of the Department. All such leases shall be executed in the name of the Commonwealth and shall be in a form approved by the Attorney General. The leases may run for such time as may be approved by the Governor and shall be for appropriate rental. All rentals received shall be retained by the Department and used for paying the costs of entering and administering such leases and for off-setting the costs of maintaining and operating the facilities under control of the Department. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary or how title to the property was acquired, the deed or lease shall be executed on behalf of the Commonwealth by the Director of the Department or his designee, and such action shall not create a cloud on the title to the property. The terms of the lease shall be subject to the written approval of the Governor or his designee.


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