§ 2.2-206.1

(Expires July 1, 2017) Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

A. There is hereby created the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program, hereafter referred to as “the Program,” as a pilot program to improve outreach by state government to the private sector. The Program shall be administered by the Secretary or his designee. The objectives of the Program are (i) to strengthen coordination and interaction between state government and the private sector on issues relevant to entrepreneurs and small business concerns and (ii) to make state government programs and operations simpler, easier to access, more efficient, and more responsive to the needs of and issues related to small business concerns and entrepreneurs.

B. The Secretary may appoint up to 10 individuals per year to serve as entrepreneurs-in-residence with state agencies. Appointees shall have demonstrated success in working with small business concerns and entrepreneurs or have successfully developed, invented, or created a product and brought the product to the marketplace. Appointments shall be for a period of two years. Any costs incurred in the operation of the program shall be provided from nonstate sources of funding.

C. Entrepreneurs-in-residence shall serve without compensation but, at the discretion of the head of the agency they were appointed to serve, may receive reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties as provided in § 2.2-2825.

D. The entrepreneur-in-residence for each agency shall:

1. Assist the agency in improving outreach to small business concerns and entrepreneurs;

2. Provide recommendations on inefficient or duplicative programs, if any;

3. Provide recommendations to the Secretary and the head of the agency on methods to improve program efficiency at the agency or new initiatives, if any, that may be instituted at the agency;

4. Facilitate meetings and forums to educate small business concerns and entrepreneurs on programs or initiatives of the department and the agency to which the entrepreneur-in-residence is appointed;

5. Facilitate in-service sessions with employees of the department on needs and issues to entrepreneurs and small business concerns; and

6. Provide technical assistance or mentorship to small business concerns and entrepreneurs in accessing programs at the department and the agency employing the entrepreneur-in-residence.

E. The Secretary may establish an informal working group of entrepreneurs-in-residence to discuss best practices, experiences, obstacles, opportunities, and recommendations.

F. The Secretary is authorized to enter into an agreement with the Virginia Commonwealth University or other public institution of higher education for the management and oversight of the Program.

G. The provisions of this section shall expire on July 1, 2017.


2013, c. 788; 2014, cc. 63, 700.


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