§ 2.2-206

Urban issues; report; responsibilities of the Secretary

A. In order to evaluate and promote the economic potential and development of the urban areas in the Commonwealth, during the first year of each new gubernatorial administration, the Secretary, with the assistance of a cabinet-level committee appointed in accordance with subsection B, shall develop a report on the condition of the state’s urban areas and establishing priorities for addressing those conditions. The report shall include the following components:

1. A review of economic and social conditions in the cities of the Commonwealth;

2. The identification of inequities between those urban areas experiencing economic growth and relatively low fiscal stress and those urban areas experiencing economic decline and relatively high levels of fiscal stress;

3. The establishment of specific and quantifiable benchmarks for addressing economic and social conditions and inequities within urban areas;

4. Prioritized recommendations for specific actions by state agencies intended to meet the established performance benchmarks within a prescribed schedule; and

5. A system for tracking agency progress in meeting the benchmarks during the succeeding biennia.

B. During the first year of each new gubernatorial administration, the Governor shall issue an executive order creating a cabinet-level committee to assist the Secretary in the development of an urban policy vision and priorities for the Commonwealth. The Secretary shall be the chairman of the committee, and the Secretaries of Education, Health and Human Resources, Natural Resources and Transportation shall serve as committee members. The Governor may also appoint representatives of local government from Virginia’s urban areas to serve as committee members. During the third year of each new gubernatorial administration the Secretary shall review and report on the performance of each agency in meeting the established benchmarks.


1999, c. 519, § 2.1-51.39:3; 2001, c. 844; 2004, c. 238.


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