§ 2.2-3605

Volunteer benefits

A. Meals may be furnished without charge to regular-service volunteers if scheduled work assignments extend over an established meal period. Meals may be furnished without charge to occasional-service volunteers at the discretion of the department’s executive head.

B. Lodging, if available, may be furnished temporarily, at no charge, to regular-service volunteers.

C. Transportation reimbursement may be furnished those volunteers whose presence is determined to be necessary to the department. Rates or amounts of such reimbursement shall not exceed those provided in § 2.2-2823. Volunteers may utilize state vehicles in the performance of their duties, subject to those regulations governing use of state vehicles by paid staff.

D. Liability insurance may be provided by the department utilizing their services both to regular-service and occasional-service volunteers to the same extent as may be provided by the department to its paid staff. Volunteers in state and local service, including, but not limited to, any person who serves in a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit or on a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), shall enjoy the protection of the Commonwealth’s sovereign immunity to the same extent as paid staff.


1977, c. 347, § 2.1-558; 1979, c. 131; 2001, c. 844; 2005, c. 474.


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