§ 2.2-3602

Scope of chapter; status of volunteers; reimbursements

A. Every department, through its executive head, may develop volunteer programs and accept the services of volunteers, including regular-service volunteers, occasional-service volunteers, or material donors, to assist in programs carried out or administered by that department.

B. Volunteers recruited, trained, or accepted by any department shall, to the extent of their voluntary service, be exempt from all provisions of law relating to state employment, hours of work, rate of compensation, leave time, and employee benefits except those enumerated in or consistent with § 2.2-3605. Volunteers shall, however, at all times comply with applicable work rules.

C. Every department utilizing the services of volunteers may provide volunteers with such incidental reimbursements as are consistent with the provisions of § 2.2-3605, including transportation costs, lodging, and subsistence, as the department deems appropriate to assist volunteers in performing their duties.

D. For the purposes of this chapter, individuals involved in emergency services and preparedness activities pursuant to the definition of “emergency services” in § 44-146.16 shall be considered volunteers in state and local services and shall be accordingly entitled to the benefits conferred in this chapter. As volunteers in state and local services, such individuals shall be deemed to be regular-service volunteers.


1977, c. 347, § 2.1-556; 2001, c. 844; 2005, c. 474.


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