§ 2.2-4308

Design-build or construction management contracts for public bodies other than the Commonwealth; eligibility requirements; award of contract; records to be kept

A. While the competitive sealed bid process remains the preferred method of construction procurement for public bodies in the Commonwealth, any public body other than the Commonwealth may enter into a contract for construction on a fixed price or not-to-exceed price design-build or construction management basis provided the public body complies with the requirements of this section and has implemented procedures consistent with the procedures adopted by the Secretary of Administration for utilizing design-build or construction management contracts.Prior to making a determination as to the use of design-build or construction management for a specific construction project, the public body shall have in its employ or under contract a licensed architect or engineer with professional competence appropriate to the project who shall advise the public body regarding the use of design-build or construction management for that project and who shall assist the public body with the preparation of the Request for Proposal and the evaluation of such proposals.Prior to issuing a Request for Proposal for any design-build or construction management contract for a specific construction project, the public body shall:

1. Have adopted, by ordinance or resolution, written procedures governing the selection, evaluation and award of design-build and construction management contracts. Such procedures shall be consistent with those described in this chapter for the procurement of nonprofessional services through competitive negotiation. Such procedures shall also require Requests for Proposals to include and define the criteria of such construction project in areas such as site plans; floor plans; exterior elevations; basic building envelope materials; fire protection information plans; structural, mechanical (HVAC), and electrical systems; and special telecommunications; and may define such other requirements as the public body determines appropriate for that particular construction project. Such procedures for:

a. Design-build construction projects shall include a two-step competitive negotiation process consistent with the standards established by the Division of Engineering and Buildings of the Department of General Services for state agencies.

b. Construction management projects shall include selection procedures and required construction management contract terms consistent with the procedures as adopted by the Secretary of Administration.

2. Have documented in writing that for a specific construction project (i) a design-build or construction management contract is more advantageous than a competitive sealed bid construction contract; (ii) there is a benefit to the public body by using a design-build or construction management contract; and (iii) competitive sealed bidding is not practical or fiscally advantageous.

B. The contract shall be awarded to the fully qualified offeror who submits an acceptable proposal determined to be the best value in response to the Request for Proposal.


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