Contract Formation And Administration

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Contract Formation And Administration.” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Administration Of State Government.” It is part of Part B, titled “Transaction Of Public Business.” It is part of Chapter 43, titled “Virginia Public Procurement Act.” It’s comprised of the following 54 sections.

§ 2.2-4303
Methods of procurement
§ 2.2-4303.1
(Effective October 1, 2016) Architectural and professional engineering term contracting; limitations
§ 2.2-4303.1
(Effective until October 1, 2016) Architectural and professional engineering term contracting; limitations
§ 2.2-4303.2
Job order contracting; limitations
§ 2.2-4304
Joint and cooperative procurement
§ 2.2-4305
Competitive procurement by localities on state-aid projects
§ 2.2-4306
Design-build or construction management contracts for Commonwealth authorized
§ 2.2-4307
Fixed-price or not-to-exceed-price design-build and construction management contracts for juvenile correctional facilities authorized
§ 2.2-4308
Design-build or construction management contracts for public bodies other than the Commonwealth; eligibility requirements; award of contract; records to be kept
§ 2.2-4308.1
Purchase of owner-controlled insurance in construction projects
§ 2.2-4308.2
Registration and use of federal employment eligibility verification program required; debarment
§ 2.2-4309
Modification of the contract
§ 2.2-4310
Discrimination prohibited; participation of small, women-owned, minority-owned, and service disabled veteran-owned business and employment services organization
§ 2.2-4310.1
Awards as a result of any authorized enhancement or remedial measure; requirements
§ 2.2-4310.2
State agency's goals for participation by small businesses; requirements
§ 2.2-4310.3
Fiscal data pertaining to certain enhancement or remedial measures
§ 2.2-4311
Employment discrimination by contractor prohibited; required contract provisions
§ 2.2-4311.1
Compliance with federal, state, and local laws and federal immigration law; required contract provisions
§ 2.2-4311.2
Compliance with state law; foreign and domestic businesses authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth
§ 2.2-4312
Drug-free workplace to be maintained by contractor; required contract provisions
§ 2.2-4313
Petition for recycled goods and products; periodic review of procurement standards
§ 2.2-4314
Petition for procurement of less toxic goods and products; periodic review of procurement standards
§ 2.2-4315
Use of brand names
§ 2.2-4316
Comments concerning specifications
§ 2.2-4317
Prequalification generally; prequalification for construction
§ 2.2-4318
Negotiation with lowest responsible bidder
§ 2.2-4319
Cancellation, rejection of bids; waiver of informalities
§ 2.2-4320
Exclusion of insurance bids prohibited
§ 2.2-4321
§ 2.2-4321.1
Prohibited contracts; exceptions; determination by Department of Taxation; appeal; remedies
§ 2.2-4321.2
Public works contract requirements
§ 2.2-4322
Acceptance of bids submitted to the Department of Transportation
§ 2.2-4323
Purchase programs for recycled goods; agency responsibilities
§ 2.2-4323.1
(Effective July 1, 2017) Purchase of flags of the United States and the Commonwealth by public bodies
§ 2.2-4324
Preference for Virginia products with recycled content and for Virginia firms
§ 2.2-4325
Preference for Virginia coal used in state facilities
§ 2.2-4326
Preference for recycled paper and paper products used by state agencies
§ 2.2-4327
Preference for community reinvestment activities in contracts for investment of funds
§ 2.2-4328
Preference for local products and firms; applicability
§ 2.2-4329
§ 2.2-4329.1
Energy forward pricing mechanisms
§ 2.2-4330
Withdrawal of bid due to error
§ 2.2-4331
Contract pricing arrangements
§ 2.2-4332
Workers' compensation requirements for construction contractors and subcontractors
§ 2.2-4333
Retainage on construction contracts
§ 2.2-4334
Deposit of certain retained funds on certain contracts with local governments; penalty for failure to timely complete
§ 2.2-4335
Public construction contract provisions barring damages for unreasonable delays declared void
§ 2.2-4336
Bid bonds
§ 2.2-4337
Performance and payment bonds
§ 2.2-4338
Alternative forms of security
§ 2.2-4339
Bonds on other than construction contracts
§ 2.2-4340
Action on performance bond
§ 2.2-4341
Actions on payment bonds; waiver of right to sue
§ 2.2-4342
Public inspection of certain records