Coordination Of Workforce Development.

This is Chapter 4.2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Coordination Of Workforce Development..” It is part of Title 2.2, titled “Administration Of Government.” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “Organization Of State Government.” It is part of Part A, titled “Office Of The Governor.” It’s comprised of the following 5 sections.

§ 2.2-435.10
Administration of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; memorandum of understanding; executive summaries
§ 2.2-435.6
Chief Workforce Development Officer
§ 2.2-435.7
Responsibilities of the Chief Workforce Development Advisor
§ 2.2-435.8
Workforce program evaluations; sharing of certain data
§ 2.2-435.9
Annual report by publicly funded career and technical education and workforce development programs; performance on state-level metrics