Additional Powers

This is Article 5 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Additional Powers.” It is part of Title 15.2, titled “Counties, Cities And Towns.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Powers Of Local Government.” It is part of Chapter 9, titled “General Powers Of Local Governments.” It’s comprised of the following 46 sections.

§ 15.2-950
§ 15.2-951
Acquisition, disposition and use of personal property by localities generally
§ 15.2-952
Political subdivisions may acquire property from United States
§ 15.2-953
Donations to charitable institutions and associations, volunteer and nonprofit organizations, chambers of commerce, etc
§ 15.2-954
Loans to volunteer firefighting and rescue organizations
§ 15.2-954.1
Volunteer firefighter or volunteer emergency medical services personnel tuition reimbursement
§ 15.2-955
Approval by local governing body for the establishment of volunteer emergency medical services agencies and firefighting organizations
§ 15.2-956
Participation in certain federal development programs
§ 15.2-957
Participation by localities in certain leasing programs
§ 15.2-958
Local funding for repair or production of low and moderate income rental property or repair of residential property; other housing experiments
§ 15.2-958.1
Sale of certain property in certain cities
§ 15.2-958.2
Grants for homeownership; workforce housing
§ 15.2-958.3
Financing clean energy programs
§ 15.2-958.4
Waiver of certain fees for affordable housing
§ 15.2-958.5
Local funding for community revitalization
§ 15.2-958.6
Financing the repair of failed septic systems
§ 15.2-959
Housing research
§ 15.2-960
Planting of trees destroyed during construction
§ 15.2-961
Replacement of trees during development process in certain localities
§ 15.2-961.1
Conservation of trees during land development process in localities belonging to a nonattainment area for air quality standards
§ 15.2-961.2
Conservation of trees; notice of infill lot grading plan
§ 15.2-962
Authority to require a unified geographic information system for a locality
§ 15.2-963
Local offices of consumer affairs; establishment; powers and duties
§ 15.2-964
Organization of local human services activities; authorization of reorganization by Governor
§ 15.2-965
Human rights ordinances and commissions
§ 15.2-965.1
Participation of small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses
§ 15.2-966
Establishment and operation of educational television stations
§ 15.2-967
Parking facilities
§ 15.2-967.1
Regulation of certain transportation services
§ 15.2-968
Regulation of parking of vehicles within boundaries of state-supported institutions
§ 15.2-968.01
Parking in certain residential areas
§ 15.2-968.1
Use of photo-monitoring systems to enforce traffic light signals
§ 15.2-969
Ordinances prohibiting resale of tickets to certain public events; penalty
§ 15.2-970
Construction of dams, levees, seawalls, etc.; certain proceedings prohibited
§ 15.2-971
Armories and markets; assistance to National Guard
§ 15.2-972
Appropriations for the upkeep of certain cemeteries
§ 15.2-973
Ordinances imposing license taxes on owners of certain motor vehicles
§ 15.2-974
Permits for display of fireworks; use and exhibitions
§ 15.2-975
Use of cash proffers
§ 15.2-976
Notification of changes to the Federal Emergency Management Agency Special Flood Hazard Area map
§ 15.2-977
Green Roof Incentive Programs
§ 15.2-978
Registration by locality of cemeteries, graveyards, or other places of burial on private property
§ 15.2-979
Notice of sale under deed of trust
§ 15.2-980
Civil penalties for violations of noise ordinances
§ 15.2-981
Authority to sell dogs trained for police work
§ 15.2-982
Designation of tourism activity zones