§ 2.2-1138

Planning and construction by Division; exemption

A. The Division of Engineering and Buildings shall, subject to written approval of the Governor:

1. Prepare and, when necessary to meet changing conditions, amend a long-range site plan for the location of all state buildings, and related improvements, in Capitol Square and its immediate environs, and for such other areas providing comparable facilities for the seat of government in or adjacent to the City of Richmond as the Governor shall direct;

2. Acquire with funds appropriated for that purpose the necessary land for effectuation of the plan; and

3. Direct and control the execution of all authorized projects for the construction of state buildings and related improvements in or adjacent to the City of Richmond.

B. The Governor may exempt from the provisions of subsection A those buildings and improvements that, in his opinion, should be planned and constructed under the direction of other state agencies or institutions or included in site plans prepared by such other agencies or institutions.

C. No building for state use shall be erected or acquired nor other property acquired for state use, in Capitol Square and its immediate environs, or in such other areas as may be included in the site plan required by subsection A unless it has been approved by the Governor as conforming to the site plan.


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