§ 2.2-1148

Approval of actions; conveyances in name of the Commonwealth

A. All actions to be taken or approvals to be given by the Governor or the Attorney General pursuant to §§ 2.2-1149 through 2.2-1156 may be taken or given by the Governor or his designee, or by the Attorney General or one of his deputies or assistant attorneys general.

B. All conveyances of any interest in property to or from the Commonwealth or any state department or agency or any state institution that is not a corporation, shall be in the name of the Commonwealth and shall designate the department, agency or institution in control or possession of the property in the following manner: “Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of (name of department, agency or institution, or other appropriate name).” All interests in property conveyed to any department, agency or institution of the Commonwealth, whether past or future, is and shall be the property of the Commonwealth. Conveyance of an interest in property on behalf of the Commonwealth by a department, agency or institution other than that which acquired title on behalf of the Commonwealth shall not create a cloud upon the title.


1984, c. 641, § 2.1-504.1; 2001, c. 844.


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