§ 2.2-5213

State trust fund

A. There is established a state trust fund with funds appropriated by the General Assembly. The purposes of this fund are to develop:

1. Early intervention services for young children and their families, which are defined to include: prevention efforts for individuals who are at-risk for developing problems based on biological, psychological or social/environmental factors.

2. Community services for troubled youths who have emotional or behavior problems, or both, and who can appropriately and effectively be served in the home or community, or both, and their families.The fund shall consist of moneys from the state general fund, federal grants, and private foundations.

B. Proposals for requesting these funds shall be made by community policy and management teams to the Office of Children’s Services. The Office of Children’s Services shall make recommendations on the proposals it receives to the Council, which shall award the grants to the community teams in accordance with the policies developed under the authority of § 2.2-5202.


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