§ 24.2-115.2

Officers of election; required training

A. Each officer of election shall receive training consistent with the standards set by the State Board pursuant to § 24.2-103. This training shall be conducted by the electoral boards and general registrars, using the standardized training programs and materials developed by the State Board for this purpose. However, any electoral board and general registrar may instead require that the officers of election complete the online training course provided by the State Board pursuant to subsection B of § 24.2-103. Each officer of election shall receive such training, or complete the online training course, before the first election in which he will be serving as an officer of election. Such requirement shall apply to each term for which the officer of election is appointed.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection A, each officer of election shall receive additional training or instruction whenever a change to election procedures is made to this title or to regulations that alters the duties or conduct of the officers of election. Such changes shall include changes to voting systems, electronic pollbook equipment or programming, voter identification requirements, and provisional ballot requirements. Such additional training shall be conducted or instruction given promptly after the law or regulation has taken effect, but not less than three days prior to the November general election.

C. Following any training conducted pursuant to this section, the electoral boards shall certify to the State Board that the officers of election in its jurisdiction have received the required training. Such certification shall include the dates of each completed training.


2016, cc. 752, 766.


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