Conduct Of Election; Election Results

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Conduct Of Election; Election Results.” It is part of Title 24.2, titled “Elections.” It is part of Chapter 6, titled “The Election.” It’s comprised of the following 43 sections.

§ 24.2-643
Qualified voter permitted to vote; procedures at polling place; voter identification
§ 24.2-644
Voting by paper ballot; voting for presidential electors; write-in votes
§ 24.2-645
Defaced printed ballots
§ 24.2-646
Voter folds paper ballot and hands same to officer who deposits it unopened in ballot container
§ 24.2-646.1
Permitted use of paper ballots
§ 24.2-647
Voting systems; demonstration on election day
§ 24.2-648
Write-in votes on voting equipment
§ 24.2-649
Assistance for certain voters; penalties
§ 24.2-650
Officers to sign only official papers, etc
§ 24.2-651.1
Voter who is shown as having already voted; provisional voting
§ 24.2-652
Voter whose name erroneously omitted from pollbook
§ 24.2-653
Voter whose name does not appear on pollbook or who is marked as having voted; handling of provisional ballots; ballots cast after normal close of polls due to court order extending polling hours
§ 24.2-653.1
Voters who did not receive absentee ballots; provisional ballots
§ 24.2-654
Officers to lock and seal voting equipment and ascertain vote after polls closed; statement of results
§ 24.2-655
Representatives of political parties and candidates to be present on request
§ 24.2-656
§ 24.2-657
(Effective July 1, 2020) Determination of vote on voting systems
§ 24.2-657
(Effective until July 1, 2020) Determination of vote on voting systems
§ 24.2-658
Machines with printed return sheets; disposition of sheets
§ 24.2-659
(Effective until July 1, 2020) Locking voting and counting machines after election and delivering keys to clerk; printed returns as evidence
§ 24.2-659
(Effective July 1, 2020) Locking voting systems after election and delivering keys to clerk; printed returns as evidence
§ 24.2-660
§ 24.2-661
Detection and setting aside of double ballots
§ 24.2-662
Procedure when paper ballots exceed names on pollbooks
§ 24.2-663
When ballot void
§ 24.2-664
Reduction in number of ballots
§ 24.2-665
How paper ballots counted
§ 24.2-666
Procedures to account for paper ballots
§ 24.2-667
Completion of statement of results
§ 24.2-668
Pollbooks, statements of results, and ballots to be sealed and delivered to clerk or general registrar
§ 24.2-669
Clerk to keep ballots; inspection; destruction
§ 24.2-670
Clerk to send for books and ballots if not delivered by officers
§ 24.2-671
Electoral board to meet and ascertain results; conclusiveness of results
§ 24.2-671.1
Audits of ballot scanner machines
§ 24.2-672
Electoral board to correct irregularities in returns of officers of election
§ 24.2-673
Candidates having highest number of votes to receive certificate of election
§ 24.2-674
Determination by lot in case of tie
§ 24.2-675
Abstracts of votes to be made by secretary and forwarded to State Board and to clerks
§ 24.2-676
Secretary to make out and deliver certificate of election
§ 24.2-677
State Board to open and record returns; application of Freedom of Information Act
§ 24.2-678
Law-enforcement officer to be sent for abstracts not forwarded
§ 24.2-679
State Board to meet and make statement as to number of votes
§ 24.2-680
Certificates of election