Eminent Domain And Damages

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Eminent Domain And Damages.” It is part of Title 33.2, titled “Highways And Other Surface Transportation Systems.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Modes Of Transportation: Highways, Bridges, Ferries, Rail, And Public Transportation.” It is part of Chapter 10, titled “Eminent Domain.” It’s comprised of the following 31 sections.

§ 33.2-1000
§ 33.2-1001
Power to acquire lands, etc.; conveyance to municipality after acquisition; property owners to be informed and briefed
§ 33.2-1002
Limitation on power of eminent domain
§ 33.2-1003
Additional power to acquire lands
§ 33.2-1004
Plans for acquisition of rights-of-way
§ 33.2-1005
Acquisition of real property that may be needed for transportation projects; sale of certain real property
§ 33.2-1006
Reconveyance where property deemed suitable for mass transit purposes
§ 33.2-1007
Authority to acquire entire tract of land, or parcel thereof, when only part to be utilized for highway purposes
§ 33.2-1008
Authority to acquire land to replace parkland; applicability
§ 33.2-1009
Acquisition of residue parcels declared to be in public interest
§ 33.2-1010
Use and disposition of residue parcels of land
§ 33.2-1011
Right to enter on land to ascertain its suitability for highway and other transportation purposes; damage resulting from such entry
§ 33.2-1012
Limitations in Title 25.1 not applicable to Commissioner of Highways
§ 33.2-1013
Notice of exercise of eminent domain power; evidence of value
§ 33.2-1014
Acquisition of interests for exchange with railroad, public utility company, public service corporation or company, political subdivision, or cable television company; relocation of poles, lines, etc
§ 33.2-1015
Acquisition of land in median of highways for public mass transit; disposition of such property
§ 33.2-1016
Procedure in general; suits in name of Commissioner of Highways; survival; validation of suits; notice of filing
§ 33.2-1017
Taking highway materials from streams, rivers, and watercourses
§ 33.2-1018
Authority to take possession and title to property before or during condemnation; purpose and intent of provisions
§ 33.2-1019
Payments into court or filing certificate of deposit before entering upon land
§ 33.2-1020
Payment of certificates of deposit; notice to owner
§ 33.2-1021
Recordation of certificates; transfer of title or interest; land situated in two or more counties or cities
§ 33.2-1022
Certificates to describe land and list owner
§ 33.2-1023
Proceedings for distribution of funds; effect of acceptance of payments; evidence as to amount of deposit or certificate
§ 33.2-1024
Reformation, alteration, revision, amendment, or invalidation of certificate
§ 33.2-1025
When condemnation proceedings instituted; payment of compensation or damages; order confirming award; recording
§ 33.2-1026
Awards in greater or lesser amounts than deposit; interest
§ 33.2-1027
Agreements as to compensation; petition and order of court thereon; disposition of deposit
§ 33.2-1028
Enhancement to be offset against damage
§ 33.2-1029
Remedy of landowners under certain conditions
§ 33.2-1030
Installation of broadband conduit