§ 33.2-2507

Formation of advisory committees

A. The Authority shall have a technical advisory committee, consisting of nine individuals who reside or are employed in counties and cities embraced by the Authority and have experience in transportation planning, finance, engineering, construction, or management. Six members shall be appointed by localities embraced by the Authority and three members shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Commonwealth Transportation Board. The technical advisory committee shall advise and provide recommendations on the development of projects as required by § 33.2-2508 and funding strategies and other matters as directed by the Authority.

B. The Authority also shall have a planning coordination advisory committee that shall include at least one elected official from each town that is located in any county embraced by the Authority and receives street maintenance payments under § 33.2-319.

C. The Authority may form additional advisory committees.


2002, c. 846, § 15.2-4837; 2014, c. 805.


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