§ 33.2-2508

Responsibilities of Authority for long-range transportation planning

In fulfilling the requirements of subdivision 1 of § 33.2-2500, the Authority shall be responsible for long-range transportation planning for regional transportation projects in Northern Virginia. In carrying out this responsibility, the Authority shall, on the basis of a regional consensus whenever possible, set regional transportation policies and priorities for regional transportation projects. The policies and priorities shall have reducing congestion in Planning District 8 as their primary objective to the greatest extent practicable and shall be guided by performance-based criteria such as the ability to improve travel times, reduce delays, connect regional activity centers, improve safety, improve air quality, and move the most people in the most cost-effective manner. Each locality embraced by the Authority shall annually inform the Authority about any land use or transportation elements of its comprehensive plan that are not consistent with the plan required by subdivision 1 of § 33.2-2500. No change in such comprehensive plan shall compel the Authority to alter the plan prepared according to this section.


2002, c. 846, § 15.2-4838; 2014, c. 805; 2015, cc. 477, 496.


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