§ 37.2-421.1

Supportive housing providers

A. The Department may enter into an agreement for the provision of supportive housing for individuals receiving auxiliary grants pursuant to § 51.5-160 with any provider licensed to provide mental health community support services, intensive community treatment, programs of assertive community treatment, supportive in-home services, or supervised living residential services. Such agreement shall include requirements for (i) individualized supportive housing service plans for every individual receiving supportive housing services, (ii) access to skills training for every individual receiving supportive housing services, (iii) assistance with accessing available community-based services and supports for every individual receiving supportive housing services, (iv) recipient-level outcome data reporting, (v) adherence to identified supportive housing program components, (vi) initial identification and ongoing review of the level of care needs for each recipient, (vii) ongoing monitoring of services described in the recipient’s individualized supportive housing service plan, and (viii) annual inspections by the Department or its designee to determine whether the provider is in compliance with the requirements of the agreement.

B. Supportive housing provided or facilitated by providers entering into agreements with the Department pursuant to this section shall include appropriate support services in the least restrictive and most integrated setting practicable for the recipient. Residential settings where supportive housing services are provided shall (i) comply with federal habitability standards, (ii) provide cooking and bathroom facilities in each unit, (iii) afford dignity and privacy to the recipient, (iv) include rights of tenancy pursuant to the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (§ 55-248.2 et seq.), (v) provide rental levels that leave sufficient funds for other necessary living expenses, and (vi) not admit or retain recipients who require ongoing, onsite, 24-hour supervision and care or recipients who have any of the conditions or care needs described in subsection D of § 63.2-1805.

C. The Department may revoke any agreement pursuant to subsection A if the Department determines that the provider has violated the terms of the agreement or any federal or state law or regulation and enter into an agreement with another provider to ensure uninterrupted supportive housing to the auxiliary grant recipient.


2016, c. 567.


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