§ 5.1-5

Licensing of aircraft

(a. Every resident of this Commonwealth owning a civil aircraft, every nonresident owning a civil aircraft based in this Commonwealth over sixty days during any twelve-month period and every owner of an aerial application aircraft operating within this Commonwealth or of a civil aircraft operated in this Commonwealth as a for-hire intrastate air carrier shall, before the same is operated in this Commonwealth, obtain from the Department an aircraft license for such aircraft.

(b. The Department shall provide for the issuance, expiration, suspension and revocation of licenses of aircraft in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Board. The Department shall furnish any necessary forms pursuant to the issuance of such licenses, and may assess a fee for such issuance not in excess of five dollars annually. The Department may in lieu of issuing aircraft licenses required by subsection (a) of this section, issue commercial aircraft licenses to air carriers and commercial dealers, and issue to noncommercial dealers noncommercial dealer fleet licenses, to cover all aircraft owned by such dealers and all aircraft for sale held by dealers on a consignment basis from an aircraft manufacturer. The Department may assess a fee not in excess of $ 50 annually for any such noncommercial dealer fleet licenses issued and a fee not in excess of $ 100 annually for any such commercial fleet licenses issued. The fee for a commercial single aircraft license shall not be in excess of ten dollars annually.


Code 1950, § 5-5; 1966, c. 576; 1970, c. 717; 1974, c. 431; 1979, c. 272; 1980, c. 721.


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