§ 50-73.52:4

Certificate of cancellation

A. When the affairs of a limited partnership have been wound up pursuant to § 50-73.51, it shall file a certificate of cancellation with the Commission. The certificate shall set forth:

1. The name of the limited partnership;

2. The effective date of its certificate of limited partnership;

3. The reason for filing the certificate of cancellation;

4. A statement that the limited partnership has completed the winding up of its affairs; and

5. Any other information the partners determine to include therein.

B. If the Commission finds that the certificate of cancellation complies with the requirements of law and that all required fees have been paid, it shall file the certificate of cancellation, canceling the limited partnership’s existence. Upon the effective date of such certificate, the existence of the limited partnership shall cease, except for the purpose of suits, other proceedings, and appropriate actions by general partners and limited partners as provided in this chapter.


2008, c. 586.


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