Erection Of Lines; Rights-of-way; Eminent Domain, Etc

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Erection Of Lines; Rights-of-way; Eminent Domain, Etc.” It is part of Title 56, titled “Public Service Companies.” It is part of Chapter 15, titled “Telegraph And Telephone Companies.” It’s comprised of the following 15 sections.

§ 56-468.1. (Contingent expiration -- see Editor's note) Public Rights-of-Way Use Fee
§ 56-458
Right to erect lines parallel to railroads; occupation of roads, streets, etc.; location of same
§ 56-458.1
Relocation of lines or works of certain public utilities acquired by Commonwealth Transportation Board
§ 56-459
Removal of old line not required by this chapter
§ 56-460
How consent of appropriate authorities obtained; terms of use
§ 56-461
Cost to Commonwealth in connection with construction of line to be paid by company
§ 56-462
Franchise to occupy parks, streets, etc.; imposition of terms, conditions, etc., as to use of streets, etc., and construction thereon
§ 56-463
Company may contract for right-of-way, etc
§ 56-464
Right of eminent domain
§ 56-465
Preceding sections subject to repeal or change at pleasure
§ 56-466
Location of posts, poles, cables and conduits; height of wires, etc
§ 56-466.1
Pole attachments; cable television systems and telecommunications service providers
§ 56-467
Restoring condition of ground
§ 56-468
Endangering life or limb by stringing wires across other works
§ 56-468.2
Reimbursement for relocation costs