§ 56-467

Restoring condition of ground

The portions of the surface of the parks, roads, turnpikes, streets, avenues, or alleys, or of any pavements opened up or disturbed in erecting, repairing, laying or replacing poles, wires, or cables, or in repairing conduits under the provisions of this chapter shall be immediately restored to and maintained in good condition by the company doing such work; and in case of the failure of such company to restore and maintain the same, the corporate authorities of the city or town, or the board of supervisors or other governing authority of the county, or the chairman of the Commonwealth Transportation Board, as the case may be, may properly restore and maintain the same, and the costs thereof may be recovered by the city or town, or county, or Commonwealth, from such company, in any court of competent jurisdiction.


Code 1919, § 4037; 1926, p. 908.


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