§ 6.2-1053

Bonds required of officers and employees; blanket bond

A. The board of directors of every trust subsidiary shall require bonds from all of the active officials and employees of such corporation. In lieu of such bonds, the board may obtain one or more blanket bonds. The surety on every bond shall be a bonding or surety company authorized to transact business in Virginia, and the penalty of any such bond shall be increased whenever in the opinion of the Commission it is necessary for the protection of the public interest.

B. If a trust subsidiary is unable to obtain the bond required by this section, it shall immediately notify the Commission, which may then direct the trust subsidiary to have an audit performed at its expense by an independent certified public accounting firm. The trust subsidiary shall obtain blanket bond coverage as soon as such coverage is available. Failure to obtain blanket bond coverage may be cause for action by the Commission as provided by § 6.2-906.


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