§ 64.2-602

Payment or delivery of small asset valued at $25,000 or less without affidavit

A. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 64.2-601, any person having possession of a small asset valued at $ 25,000 or less may pay or deliver the small asset to any successor provided that:

1. At least 60 days have elapsed since the decedent’s death; and

2. No application for the appointment of a personal representative is pending or has been granted in any jurisdiction.

B. The designated successor shall have a fiduciary duty to safeguard and promptly pay or deliver the small asset as required by the laws of the Commonwealth to the other successors, if any.


1981, c. 281, § 64.1-132.3; 2010, c. 269; 2012, c. 614; 2014, c. 532.


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