§ 65.2-204

Administrative provisions: offices, meetings, travel, salary, and expenses

A. The Commission shall be provided with adequate offices in the Capitol or in some other suitable building in the Commonwealth, in which the records shall be kept and its official business transacted during regular business hours. The Commission shall also be provided with necessary office furniture, stationery, and other supplies.

B. The Commission or any member thereof may hold sessions at any place within the Commonwealth as may be deemed necessary by the Commission.

C. All salaries and expenses of the Commission shall be audited and paid out of the state treasury in the manner prescribed for similar expenses in other departments or branches of state government.


Code 1950, §§ 65-12, 65-13, 65-15; 1968, c. 660, §§ 65.1-15 through 65.1-17; 1991, c. 355; 2013, c. 14.


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