§ 22.1-126.1

Acquisition of property for educational purposes by counties, cities and towns

Any county, city or town or any combination thereof acting jointly may acquire for educational purposes by gift, purchase, condemnation or otherwise, real property and any improvements thereon within the county, city, town or combination thereof acquiring the property or within any county or city adjacent to any such county, city or town and may construct buildings thereon to be used for educational purposes. The powers of condemnation granted by this section shall be subject to the provisions of § 25.1-102 to the same extent as though such county, city or town were a corporation possessing the power of eminent domain. Whenever the property is not within a county, city or town acquiring the property, not more than 50 acres may be acquired. Property acquired pursuant to this section shall be under the control of the school board of the county, city or town acquiring it, or, in the case of joint action by two or more counties, cities or towns or combinations thereof, control of such property shall be under a board chosen in the manner and for the term provided in § 22.1-53. Such property may be leased on such terms as may be agreed upon to any state-supported institution of higher learning to provide for education beyond high school of residents in the general region of such political subdivisions, or the property may, with the approval of the governing body of each such participating political subdivision, be conveyed to any such institution of higher learning upon such terms and conditions as shall be agreed upon by such governing bodies and the governing body of the institution and approved by the Governor.


1995, c. 250; 2003, c. 940.


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