General Provisions

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 22.1, titled “Education.” It is part of Chapter 9, titled “School Property.” It’s comprised of the following 16 sections.

§ 22.1-125
Title to property vested in school board; exception; extent of school board's authority
§ 22.1-126
Property given, devised or bequeathed to school board
§ 22.1-126.1
Acquisition of property for educational purposes by counties, cities and towns
§ 22.1-127
Condemnation of land for school purposes; right of entry; location of school outside boundaries of school division
§ 22.1-128
Title to school board real estate
§ 22.1-129
Surplus property; sale, exchange or lease of real and personal property
§ 22.1-129.1
Transfer of assistive technology devices
§ 22.1-130
Authority to acquire property from United States or any agency thereof
§ 22.1-130.1
Access to high schools and high school students for military recruiters
§ 22.1-131
Boards may permit use of various school property; general conditions
§ 22.1-132
Boards may impose certain conditions on use of property
§ 22.1-132.01
Youth-oriented, community organizations on school property
§ 22.1-132.1
Daycare programs in certain localities
§ 22.1-132.2
Integrated pest management on school property
§ 22.1-133
§ 22.1-134
Maintenance, etc., of school buildings and buses by county department of public works