§ 22.1-262

Complaint to court when parent fails to comply with law

A list of persons notified pursuant to § 22.1-261 shall be sent by the attendance officer to the appropriate school principal. If the parent (i) fails to comply with the provisions of § 22.1-261 within the time specified in the notice; or (ii) fails to comply with the provisions of § 22.1-254; or (iii) refuses to participate in the development of the plan to resolve the student’s nonattendance or in the conference provided for in § 22.1-258, it shall be the duty of the attendance officer, with the knowledge and approval of the division superintendent, to make complaint against the pupil’s parent in the name of the Commonwealth before the juvenile and domestic relations district court. If proceedings are instituted against the parent for failure to comply with the provisions of § 22.1-258, the attendance officer is to provide documentation to the court regarding the school division’s compliance with § 22.1-258. In addition thereto, such child may be proceeded against as a child in need of services or a child in need of supervision as provided in Chapter 11 (§ 16.1-226 et seq.) of Title 16.1.


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