Compulsory School Attendance

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Compulsory School Attendance.” It is part of Title 22.1, titled “Education.” It is part of Chapter 14, titled “Pupils.” It’s comprised of the following 21 sections.

§ 22.1-254
Compulsory attendance required; excuses and waivers; alternative education program attendance; exemptions from article
§ 22.1-254.01
Certain students required to attend summer school or after-school sessions
§ 22.1-254.02
Students transferring from a public school
§ 22.1-254.1
Declaration of policy; requirements for home instruction of children
§ 22.1-254.2
Testing for high school equivalency; eligibility; guidelines
§ 22.1-255
Nonresident children
§ 22.1-256
§ 22.1-258
Appointment of attendance officers; notification when pupil fails to report to school
§ 22.1-259
Teachers to keep daily attendance records
§ 22.1-260
Reports of children enrolled and not enrolled; nonattendance
§ 22.1-261
Attendance officer to make list of children not enrolled; duties of attendance officer
§ 22.1-262
Complaint to court when parent fails to comply with law
§ 22.1-263
Violation constitutes misdemeanor
§ 22.1-264
Misdemeanor to make false statements as to age
§ 22.1-264.1
Misdemeanor to make false statements as to school division or attendance zone residency; penalty
§ 22.1-265
Inducing children to absent themselves
§ 22.1-266
Law-enforcement officers and truant children
§ 22.1-267
Proceedings against habitually absent child
§ 22.1-268
Duty of attorneys for the Commonwealth to prosecute cases arising under article; jurisdiction of offenses
§ 22.1-269
Board to enforce
§ 22.1-269.1
Alternative attendance programs