§ 22.1-306


As used in this article:”Business day” means any day that the relevant school board office is open.”Day” means calendar days unless a different meaning is clearly expressed in this article. Whenever the last day for performing an act required by this article falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the act may be performed on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.”Dismissal” means the dismissal of any teacher during the term of such teacher’s contract.”Grievance” means a complaint or dispute by a teacher relating to his employment, including but not necessarily limited to: (i) disciplinary action including dismissal; (ii) the application or interpretation of: (a) personnel policies, (b) procedures, (c) rules and regulations, (d) ordinances, and (e) statutes; (iii) acts of reprisal against a teacher for filing or processing a grievance, participating as a witness in any step, meeting or hearing relating to a grievance, or serving as a member of a fact-finding panel; and (iv) complaints of discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, political affiliation, handicap, age, national origin, or sex. Each school board shall have the exclusive right to manage the affairs and operations of the school division. Accordingly, the term “grievance” shall not include a complaint or dispute by a teacher relating to (1) establishment and revision of wages or salaries, position classifications or general benefits, (2) suspension of a teacher or nonrenewal of the contract of a teacher who has not achieved continuing contract status, (3) the establishment or contents of ordinances, statutes or personnel policies, procedures, rules and regulations, (4) failure to promote, (5) discharge, layoff, or suspension from duties because of decrease in enrollment, decrease in enrollment or abolition of a particular subject or insufficient funding, (6) hiring, transfer, assignment, and retention of teachers within the school division, (7) suspension from duties in emergencies, (8) the methods, means, and personnel by which the school division’s operations are to be carried on, or (9) coaching or extracurricular activity sponsorship.While these management rights are reserved to the school board, failure to apply, where applicable, the rules, regulations, policies, or procedures as written or established by the school board is grievable.


Code 1950, § 22-217.5:1; 1979, c. 298; 1980, c. 559; 1981, c. 646; 1992, c. 679; 2013, cc. 588, 650.


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